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If you are reading this and finding it intriguing, it is probably because you too have a passion for pasta … or better yet you are a lover of the exceptional Italian variety. 


So don’t hesitate – come with us and we will take you on an interesting journey through the history and flavors of the city of Gragnano, better known as “the European capital of pasta”

We will have the pleasure of taking you to a pasta factory, not only for a tour, but to give you an incredible family experience that you won’t forget.

Discover why this village has been recognised for centuries as the best quality pasta producer but not only that… See how the pasta is processed, dried and why not also taste it when it is still being processed?

You will taste the freshness and quality of the wheat in its various stages.


But I haven’t told you yet about the best part of the day… after seeing all this pasta you absolutely can’t go without without tasting it.

So let’s go first into the family garden to pick vegetables together and then sit down at a table just for you with a view of the kitchen, where you can watch on as the “mamma” masterfully prepares some of delicious dishes, accompanied by fresh local wine and the warmth of a small family happy to share some time with you.

The moment to say goodbye is made more beautiful by a little surprise gift, that will help you take the memories of this experience forever with you.


Trust us and get in touch via email so we can give you more details of the tour and this not-to-be-missed experience!




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