Pasta, pizza or mozzarella?




Are you ready for this adventure with Simply Amalfi?

We’ve designed this tour for those wishing to combine the dreamy ride surrounded by the beauty of the Amalfi Coast with a sensory adventure that will awaken the palate…you’ll love it!

Enjoy the chance to explore one of the gems of the area (your choice between Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi or Ravello).

Afterwards, you’ll get to make the choice between one of the following incredible experiences:

– Prepare an authentic Neapolitan pizza with your own hands;

– Discover the world of mozzarella at a traditional dairy farm.
Make your own fresh cheese and taste the difference!

– Immerse yourself in the heart of Italian cuisine and history with the Pasta Experience.

You can trust us and our decades of experience to fine tune your tour based on our suggestions AND your needs and desires so that you will have an unforgettable experience.

Tour details

  • Suggested pick up time: 07.30 am
  • Duration: approximately 8 hours
  • Departing from: Naples port, Salerno port, Sorrento and Amalfi port


  • Enjoy the spectacular Amalfi drive, the famous windy road with its breathtaking views , stopping here and there for the amazing views and photos to be had.
  • Pizza making class. An expert pizza maker will teach you all the secrets to be able to make the real Neapolitan pizza at home.
    You’ll make pizza starting from scratch, using water, flour and the original sourdough starter.
    Then…after a lot of work, it is time to taste!
    You’ll start with typical appetizers such as Caprese salad (Mozzarella, tomato and fresh basil), capocollo, cheeses and grilled vegetables.Then, it’s time to taste the pizza you made yourself, ending with a shot of ice-cold limoncello.
    By the end of the day you will be ready to surprise your family and friends once you’ll get back home with your new talent as a pizza maker!
  • Mozzarella making class. In an authentic Amalfi farmhouse, we’ll prepare fantastic mozzarella, from the genuine milk of the cows raised and cared for on the farm.
    While having fun together, you’ll learn the difference between fresh Mozzarella & store-bought and make your own!
    Finally, you can’t leave without tasting other cheese specialities such as: caciocavallo, provolone, ricotta and more…you’ll love it!
  • Pasta experience. If you are reading this and finding it intriguing, it is probably because you too have a passion for pasta … or better yet you are a lover of the exceptional Italian variety!
    So don’t hesitate – come with us and we will take you on an interesting journey through the history and flavors of the city of Gragnano, better known as “the European capital of pasta.”
    We will take you to a pasta factory, not only for a tour, but to give you an incredible family experience that you won’t forget.
    Discover why this village has been recognised for centuries as the best quality pasta producer but not only that… See how the pasta is processed and dried. And why not also taste the pasta, to note its freshness and high quality when it is still being processed?
    Then comes the best part of the day… tasting it!
    We’ll sit down at a table with a view of the kitchen, where you can look on as the chef masterfully prepares some delicious dishes, accompanied by fresh local wine and the warmth of a small family who are more than happy to share their world with you.


NOTE: Nothing is etched in stone, so you can mix and match aspects of different tours if you like.

We will happy to meet your needs and satisfy your request.

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