Greek Temples of Paestum and Buffalo Mozzarella tour





For lovers of dairy products, mozzarella is definitely something that can’t be missed. What if I told you that we can take you to the homeland of the best Italian buffalo mozzarella? 

You will be picked up directly from your accommodation and we will take you to an area just south of the Amalfi Coast where you can see the buffaloes and the stables where it all begins.

On the tour you will see how these magnificent animals are born, grow and spend their days between feeding, milking, washing and relaxing.  

We will then move on to the processing of the mozzarella, where old traditions are combined with modern technology to make an excellent final product that you can then of course taste!

Bite-sized mozzarella, fresh yoghurt made with buffalo milk, ice cream and homemade dessert … you will be spoiled for choice to fill your day with all things delicious.  

Of course we will also recommend a wonderful restaurant to experience a lunch that will feature all the amazing dairy products and buffalo meat that have been featured throughout out the day.

If you are interested, you can combine this tour with a visit to the nearby archaeological site of Paestum and its ancient Greek temples – or, if you have other requests we will be happy to accommodate you.

Contact us via email and we will give you more details of the tour and this not-to-be-missed experience!



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